Everything You Need To Know About Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 2022

At some point, you have likely had to go out and buy a replacement part for some sort of broken appliance, gadget, or piece of equipment in your house or workshop. Such instances amplify the importance of Manufacturer Part Number or MPN. Simply put, the MPN is an essential tool to successfully search for a replacement component that precisely fits the original piece of machinery.

However, many are still unfamiliar with how the part number works despite its crucial functions. This guide will cover everything you have to know about MPN, touching upon both the perspectives of online Amazon sellers and consumers.

What Is an MPN: Its Definition and Purpose

If you have questions such as “what is the MPN number,” or “how can MPN help in my business,” then you must continue reading. This section discusses MPN meaning, features, and purposes. MPNs, or Manufacturer Part Numbers, are special identification numbers given by manufacturers to distinguish particular components.

It is typically presented as a string of numbers and letters. The MPN is a valuable tool for spotting fake components. Customers may rest easy knowing that the items they purchase are authentic and not counterfeit.

Because MPNs aren’t required for all products, Amazon makes entering them into the listing inventory completely voluntary. In addition to its widespread use in automobiles and motorcycles, it is now increasingly found in home appliances and other electrical devices. For some products, some retailers use a different product code.

For some products, some retailers use a different product code. Rather than an MPN, a jacket may have an SKU, and a book may have an ISBN. A UPC is used by some as a unique identifier for their goods. It’s understandable to become befuddled when exposed to both of these concepts at once; for your benefit, let’s examine their distinctions.

  • Stock keeping units, or SKUs, are a unique numbering system for keeping tabs on stock levels.
  • The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a product code utilized by publishing companies and bookstores for the purpose of inventory management.
  • Commonly known as a UPC barcode, Universal Product Codes are used by retailers to keep track of their inventory.

You might be wondering what is an MPN number on eBay and what is an MPN number on Amazon. MPN numbers all serve the same purpose of assigning unique identification numbers to authenticate component parts. Their only difference is the platforms where they are used (e.g., Amazon MPN numbers are, of course, used in Amazon).

How to Determine the MPN of a Product

The MPN will be printed or etched onto the majority of items. The positioning of this feature often differs greatly from one product to another. If you look closely enough, you should be able to find a code on the bottom or back of your merchandise. On rare occasions, the MPN will be listed in the product’s accompanying documentation.

Amazon now has a verified fit function to aid customers in locating the MPN of a product. Find the product listing for a best-seller that asks for an MPN and click over to it. To do so, just use the search bar to look up “manufacturer part number” and click on one of the results.

Once you click on that, a big green “Confirmed Match” banner will appear at the top of your search results. To learn more about where to look for the MPN on your particular product, check the “Can’t find your model number?” link. If you’ve exhausted all other options and still can’t locate your MPN, it may be worthwhile to contact the product’s manufacturer for assistance.

Is There a Way to Use MPNs to Boost Amazon Sales?

Finding the exact item that customers see on TV or in an ad is one of the main challenges that individuals face when shopping online nowadays. It can be difficult for customers to track down certain products due to the abundance of retailers peddling near-identical alternatives. If one knows the manufacturer part number (MPN) of a component needed to be replaced, they may shop with confidence.

Having MPN on your product listings is one of the finest and most straightforward solutions to deal with this issue. If you include an MPN in your Amazon listing, customers will have a simpler time finding your products and determining if they are compatible with one another.

You’d assume that adding an MPN to a product listing would be standard practice for resellers who aren’t the manufacturer. However, many sellers don’t seem to lay much importance on including MPN because Amazon does not consider it an essential requirement. PIRSCapital recommends this practice for sellers who wish to grow, reinforced with the needed funding resources secured by the firm’s services.

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Advantages of Including an MPN in your Amazon Listings

As a seasoned Amazon vendor, you understand that including an MPN in your product listing improves the likelihood that potential buyers will locate your wares during their search. It may seem inconsequential, but this code could help more customers find your product. Below are other added benefits brought by MPN.

Increase reach and discoverability

1 If you include an MPN in your listing, it will be picked up and matched by both Amazon and Google and displayed in search results, increasing your chances of being found. This ensures that your product is located rapidly and without any confusion.

Giving customers what they need

2 A replacement part or a highly specialized piece of equipment isn’t something a consumer can find easily. The consumer requires these specific products, and nothing else will do. It is much more likely that you will make a sale when targeting a very precise MPN, especially if that MPN is the exact term for which the user is searching.

Fewer returns

3 You won’t have to deal with many (if any) returns if you’re consistently selling the right product to the right consumer at the right time. This boosts your seller ratings and rankings while also saving you time and money. The return rate at Amazon must be low.

Remarkable customer feedback

4 If the customer has no concerns about the item’s suitability, they are more likely to give you a positive review. Shoppers have an extreme amount of gratitude for merchants who can cater to their unique needs. They value the option of repairing or restoring an item by replacing broken or worn-out components rather than buying a brand-new, pricier one.

Customer retention and loyalty

5 When buyers are confident that a vendor has the necessary components in stock, they are more likely to make bulk purchases and continue doing business with that vendor. If you can acquire the correct component from us with no questions asked, there’s no reason to buy from anyone else.

Amazon MPN Best Practices

  1. Verify your MPN. Amazon merchants often overlook this; therefore, it must be emphasized.
  2. Don’t just enter the MPN in the required field. Add the MPN to the title, description, or featured bullet points. More MPNs on your listing increase the likelihood that search engines will index them.
  3. If your product’s MPN is stamped or embossed, take a photo and upload it to your listing. Seeing the MPN can improve a customer’s confidence and complete the transaction.
  4. If the product or replacement item you’re offering is compatible with different models, list them all. You can attract more buyers.

What’s Next after MPN?

After locating and including your MPN in your product listing, you can check out the outcomes. You should take advantage of Amazon SEO to further improve your listing page.

With a polished product page, orders should start pouring in. A highly valuable asset is a successful Amazon FBA store. See what PIRSCapital can tell you about the potential earnings of your web-based venture.

Final Thoughts: Capitalizing on MPNs to Boost Your Online Selling

To sum it all up, a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) is a specific code for locating certain components. It lets Amazon merchants gain access to hitherto untapped avenues for increasing their visibility and boosting sales. It also brings significant advantages to online sellers seeking to penetrate the market further and target the right customers.

Try to see things from the perspective of the buyer or consumer. A manufacturer’s part number (MPN) can help ensure that you receive the correct component. It saves time and effort because it prevents the wasted effort of guesswork that could have led to a negative customer experience.

Put your MPN in the optional field on your Amazon listing, and maybe even the title and product photographs, and see the difference it makes in your sales.

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