Amazon SEO Guide: How To Get the First Position in Search Results?

Amazon SEO Guide: How To Get the First Position in Search Results?

As soon as Internet marketers learned about SEO and began to apply this promotion technique to Google, other experts tried to apply similar tricks to Amazon. At the moment, SEO is successfully used for all platforms that sell products online. However, not everyone understands what the essence of this promotion method is, why it is important, and how it works.

In this article, let’s look at what a seller can do to achieve SEO optimization at Amazon. In addition, you will learn about the most critical mistakes that can prevent a product from being popular and widely purchasable.

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What Is Amazon SEO?

So, let’s start with the basics. Amazon itself is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Search on the platform works similarly to Google search: the buyer should just enter a keyword to find the desired product. The first few results are the most popular to purchase. Therefore, the higher your position, the more you can sell — this is the main reason why sellers strive to improve their rankings.

Amazon SEO optimization, in turn, is the principle of improving the quality of pages on the website of this trading platform. It allows brands to rank higher and reach more potential customers. And although initially SEO principles were applied in Google, at the moment, they work just as well in Amazon.

According to a survey by Bloomreach (2016), more than 55% of consumers are more willing to spend time searching for the right product through Amazon. Thus, in recent years, the company has combined the qualities of a marketplace and a search engine, which means that high-quality SEO optimization is indispensable.

Why Is SEO Optimization Important?

Previously, competition existed but was not as tough as it is now. To achieve success, it was enough to follow simple ranking algorithms to have a good result and get into the top products. Outdated requirements for good rankings included mainly:

  • Good customer reviews
  • Keywords in the product description
  • Competitive prices

Now, over the years, the process of adding a product to the marketplace has been greatly simplified: anyone can publish & present a book, order a batch of silicone cases from the factory, etc. Because of this simplification, the number of sellers on Amazon is growing exponentially. And it would be good if the audience grew proportionally: a new client for each new seller. However, the number of buyers has no reason to grow, but it has become easier for sellers to place goods. You can see that the competition is going through the roof!

That is why all brands’ marketers who want to regularly receive good sales should seriously think about the competent use of the modern algorithms of Amazon to promote products.

Amazon A10 as a Part of the Amazon SEO Process

Touching upon the topic of SEO optimization for this trading platform, we should not forget about Amazon A10. This is a subsidiary company of the main brand, which has developed its own search engine technology, somewhat similar to Google. This system was created specifically to ensure that customer search queries find maximum matches on the main marketplace. Experts often refer to A10 as the “brain” of the entire SEO process, so it’s important to understand how it works.

It is no secret that the ultimate goal of the entire marketplace is the highest number of sales because it makes a profit from every completed deal. That is, the more successful the client conducts a search and the better A10 selects the results, the better and more profitable it is for Amazon.

Top Ranking Factors on Amazon

If you’re a beginner seller and don’t yet understand how to improve your product rankings and beat the monstrous competition, then pay attention to two key factors (selling items in the shortest possible time & correct keywords). Some companies hire experts who ideally puzzle out all the constantly updated Amazon A10 algorithms, but you are guaranteed to understand these two factors yourself.

Selling Velocity

In general, selling speed is an indicator that reflects how quickly a product will be bought on the Amazon platform. For the marketplace, those sellers whose products are purchased as quickly and often as possible are the most attractive and profitable for promotion. The more money sellers earn, the higher their general rating.

That is, the first task of a brand to promote on Amazon is to create a super attractive sales resume. As a result, the platform itself will give you a slight preference and show your products in the top spots for potential customers. In addition, several other worthwhile methods can significantly increase the selling speed:

  • Launching a special advertising campaign with pay per click principle;
  • Analyzing item conversion rates;
  • Experiencing an increase in customer reviews.

An additional method to increase the sales velocity is to create referral traffic with other reliable sellers. The main thought is that you should not allow this factor to take its course if it can be successfully influenced.

Correct Keywords

The second decisive factor for SEO optimization on Amazon is still considered to be keywords. This is the main way of communication between the seller and the buyer. If the user marketplace does not use keywords and phrases, the system will not be able to find the optimal match. As they say, A10 is the brain of the marketplace, but it needs help too — that’s why every seller should enter keywords in the product’s description and title.

Three top tips for using this factor to increase sales:

  1. Analyze the needs of the target audience. First of all, determine what customers you want to get and how to attract them. If you’re in the business of selling smartphone accessories, be sure to target the most relevant keywords for that market. It is important to refrain from overly generalized keywords, looking for the most accurate phrases for your item.
  2. Supplement your product listings with a variety of keywords. You should not introduce the same type of construction, because it just takes up extra space and does not give a result.
  3. Be aware of the effectiveness of back-end keywords. Even if some of them are not visible to the buyer, they will still work for the seller — back-end keys are perfectly read by Amazon algorithms. This technique is especially relevant when the list of keywords is extensive and it is impossible to place them organically in the title and description.

Those three tricks allow the marketplace to get to know your product well, provide excellent rankings, and show this option to more potential customers.

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Classic Optimization Strategy on Amazon

If you have read up on this section, you already have a good understanding of the Amazon search engine & SEO promotion algorithms and why they are so crucial for a successful online business.

On the one hand, these processes are best entrusted to specialists who will create competent thematic and interesting content for your page, as well as add images and videos that meet all the requirements of the trading platform. So, if you want to simplify the development of your Amazon store, then just contact the professionals from PIRS Capital.

On the other hand, you can do it yourself by following a working strategy. Generally, the essential techniques for optimization include creating an up-to-date name for the product, a detailed description of the item, high-quality photo and video content, as well as indicating accurate features, etc. In addition, do not forget about the effectiveness of the seller.

Great Sales Copy

The first and most important step toward optimizing content for SEO recognition by marketplace algorithms is the creation of high-quality advertising text. At the moment, many online business platforms are abandoning the commercial language, trying to avoid “putting pressure on the consumer.” Unlike them, Amazon lives on commercial texts: the better it is created and the better CTAs are written, the more products it will be able to sell in real-time.

As a rule, the ideal sales copy consists of three elements, which include the correct product name, a list of the most important characteristics, and a comprehensive description of the item. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Product Title

The title is what the client will see the very first, so it should be simple, understandable, and descriptive. It is necessary to include the most important facts about the product. Amazon representatives even made a small checklist of parameters that can be mentioned in the most successful title:

  • Category
  • Brand
  • Model/Number
  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Number of Units

It will also be appropriate to mention power output requirements, product designs, or patents, if such data may be essential to the purchaser. Remember that this information is relevant for goods that are not listed in the classifier. The most common product categories have specially recommended templates — by following them, the likelihood of excellent ranking increases. For example:

  1. Jewelry: the title should consist of brand + category + metal + shape + gem material + gender.
  2. Phones or tablets: the title should consist of brand + model + category + color + storage capacity (not always).
  3. Kitchen utensils: the title should consist of brand + model + model number + dimensions + category + color.

Once the product name is changed per these guidelines, its popularity will increase, as the marketplace will offer it to customers more often.

Detailed Description

Like any online trading platform, this marketplace delivers customers with one way to explore the product — to read the detailed description. The better it is written, the easier it is for the buyer to make a purchase decision. The main tips for optimizing this parameter include four points:

  1. No filler or false information! Replicating a competitor’s product description (even if it’s very good) or copying information from your own title is a bad idea. The main task of the description is to provide the client with detailed additional information and answer all potential questions.
  2. Get the client interested in the story. Despite the fact that the marketplace is mainly focused on commercial texts, a little flavor will not hurt: tell people how the product appeared and why this brand is better than competitors.
  3. Make the description as readable as possible. A general rule: one paragraph should not consist of more than three lines.
  4. Use Amazon SEO tools. To create an attractive product description, be sure to use tools like bullets, lists, text highlighting, underlining, and color selection. Improving the appearance of the text and highlighting key characteristics will make the text more attractive to a potential buyer.

The seller should understand that the description of the item is an easy way to engage with potential customers and persuade them to buy a product.

Key Features Presented as Bullet List

Correctly optimizing an Amazon listing for SEO partially applies to the previous heading but deserves more attention. As we have already said, most clients prefer the shortest, most concise, and structured texts. A bulleted list is the greatest way to present information without boring the potential buyer with a lot of words.

Using this text design will increase the conversion. Key tips for getting the most out of a bulleted list include:

  1. One point = one feature. You should not mix different product benefits in one line so that the information is perceived better.
  2. It is important that the bullets do not duplicate the title and description.
  3. Consider limits. Using a bulleted list means that 1 paragraph cannot be longer than 200 characters, so make sure you can briefly describe the main facts.

If your product has a concise and logical bullet list, then the marketplace will give the item an advantage over competitors.

Attractive Visuals

The importance of sales copy is undeniable, but you should also pay lots of attention to high-quality photo content. The better the visual description of the product is, the more incentive the customer has to buy it, and not a similar product with a poor-quality photo. Here are some tips to achieve great Amazon SEO optimization:

  1. Firstly, use a solid background with light colors (white is the best choice). This eliminates all distractions and allows the customer to focus on the product itself. In addition, users state that a photo of products on a white background is regarded as an indicator of professionalism and increases the social rating of the seller. Of course, some products do not look good on a light background — then it is permissible to choose other shades, as long as it is in harmony with the design of the item.
  2. Secondly, take the time to set up the light. It is best to focus on natural lighting with soft tones or artificial lighting with reflectors. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to achieve a high-quality result without professional equipment.
  3. Thirdly, during the photoshoot, try different angles. This is necessary not only to find the best photos to publish — the client 100% wants to know how the product looks from above, below, right, and left. Be sure to take photos from far away and close up so that the buyer sees the general appearance. If you are promoting clothes, shoes, and jewelry, then you should also take pictures of the products on the model so that the client understands how they will look.

Seller Efficiency

It should be borne in mind that if the seller adheres to all current optimization tips but does not comply with the general maintenance requirements, then the overall promotion productivity will remain low. That is, if a brand uses Amazon keyword ranking principles and writes original texts and titles, but provides the client with poor service, then there will be no success.

To achieve meaningful results in ranking, it is necessary to combine SEO optimization with a variety of delivery methods, high shipping speed, and the lowest percentage of defective products. The more active and efficient the seller is, the higher the chance that the system will decide it is the ideal option to offer to the client.

Most Common SEO Mistakes

So, you have already seen the most critical tips for improving optimization on Amazon — now the A10 system does not seem so scary and incomprehensible! However, each seller should also be aware of essential points that are overlooked for various reasons. They may seem small and unimportant, but then all the progress goes down the drain due to unaccounted details.

Let’s take a look at examples of common sellers’ mistakes that prevent a promotion strategy from working properly:

  1. The entrepreneur doesn’t research the competitors. The competition in this marketplace is going through the roof, so you need to take into account all your rivals’ tricks. Be sure to take the time to find loopholes and gaps in competitors’ descriptions and bullet lists so that you can use this information to improve your positions.
  2. The entrepreneur doesn’t adapt to the latest A10 updates. Despite the basic requirements, you should read updates to new algorithms and follow them to improve your ranking.
  3. The entrepreneur doesn’t support SEO constantly. Achieving great promotion is one thing, but keeping products at the top of the rankings is another. Brand specialists must constantly monitor the effectiveness of optimization processes and respond to rating downgrades.
  4. The entrepreneur incorrectly manages the assortment. We mean if you spend a lot of time on SEO optimization, but the inventory process is poorly conducted, then it will be difficult to increase the brand’s presence in the marketplace. Try to avoid oversupply or undersupply of products so as not to provoke a deterioration in the quality of customer service.
  5. The entrepreneur indicates false information about the presented products. Indicating the data that the client wants to see, even if it is not true, is tempting, but completely wrong. Keep in mind that this mistake can fully destroy your ranking in the marketplace, reducing your social authority.

And the last mistake is to rely only on yourself. If an entrepreneur does not receive help from competent specialists, then it can be quite difficult to achieve significant results in SEO optimization. Becoming successful as an online seller requires constant work and control over the product. Promotion on Amazon will help increase profits, but only if the optimization is carried out professionally and with knowledge. Otherwise, you risk wasting your budget.

Final Thoughts

We finally came to the end of the article and found out what is Amazon SEO optimization. Readers are now aware of the importance of sales speed and the correct use of keywords for quality promotion. Applying a few critical tips from experts (killer advertising text, use of bulleted lists, description design, gorgeous photo content, and seller efficiency), you will be able to achieve impressive results in optimization even with the latest marketplace algorithms.

In addition, it is worth taking seriously the critical mistakes that entrepreneurs make in the early stages of optimization. Be sure to research competitors and take into account all the updates to the A10 service. Do not forget about proper assortment management and ongoing support of SEO processes. And what is more crucial: indicate only truthful information about the product so as not to damage social trust. Some people are sure that there is no secret recipe for success in this marketplace — however, we are sure that this is not the case. Careful study of the key principles of promotion will definitely do the trick.

To crown it all, if you follow all the tips described in the article, then promotion through the Amazon and Google search engines will be successful and your products will bring you a stable income. And to get an even more incredible result, back up your strategies with capital — reach pit to our professional team at PIRS Capital for information on our entrepreneur financing!

Written by: Mitchell L.

I work with companies that sell products on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, etc. I understand that every business is unique and thats why I form genuine relationships with owners so I can help them reach their goals and find success through our working capital solutions.

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