PIRS Portal Training Guide

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Whether you are a new user or a seasoned PIRS Portal veteran looking to learn more about our new features, our training guides have you covered. To start, please click on the guide you want to review below.

Learn How to Use Our Approval Calculator

You do not need a PIRS Portal login to use our calculator! Everyone on your team has immediate access.

Please watch below and each picture will guide you through our approval calculator to help you get started. You can also click to your desired section by using the buttons below.

Section 1 – Managing Your Approval

Calculate Your Own Approval

You are in complete control of your approvals!

To start, just select your position and program, then enter your desired term, upsell and advance amount. You will be given three options to select from based on the information entered, to select your offer simply click the generate contracts button.

Pre-Payment Addendum

You have on-demand access to your pre-pay options!

Don’t waste time requesting a pre-pay addendum, you can view pre-pay options directly from our approval calculator to stay informed while pitching your deal. To view pre-pay options for an offer, simply click on the “Pre-pay option” link below the offer of your choice. If you would like to add a pre-pay addendum to your merchant contracts, just click on the “Add Pre-Pay Addendum” button!

Generate Merchant Contracts

Send contracts directly to the merchant via e-sign or pdf!

After you select your offer and click on the “Generate Contracts” button, you will be asked to review your entered information. To send contracts directly to the merchant, please review your contract information and select the checkbox to confirm. Once confirmed, you can choose between sending your contracts via e-sign or pdf!

Leaving a Comment

Directly chat with our underwriting team!

To get deals funded quickly, effective communication is the key to success. That’s why our approval calculator empowers you and the rest of your team to chat with underwriters directly. In the “Comments” section you can write a new comment and view chat history so you can pick up the conversation where you or your team left off!

Required Stips For Funding

Complete your application to seal the deal!

To move your application forward, in addition to providing signed contracts you need to submit the required funding stips for your application. Under the “Required Stips For Funding” section you are responsible for the items listed under “Provide with signed contracts”. Use our “Upload Stips” tool for fast, easy, and secure uploads to PIRS Portal!

Additional Information on Your Deal

Learn more about what went into your approval!

Whose funding? Who is pulling and how much? If you want to learn more about what went into your approval, we have outlined bank account information, payment details and much more! You can access additional information on your deal by scrolling down to the bottom of the approval calculator.

Section 2 – Share & Review Docs

View Contracts Generated

Check on the status of your merchant contracts!

After you send a contract to the merchant it’s important that you know when to follow up with them. Have they viewed your contract? Has it been signed? In the “Contracts Generated” section you can see a complete list of all your contracts and review e-sign status and history. If you need to generate a new contract, you can create a new approval via the calculator tool at any time.

Download Merchant Documents

Hand’s on access to all deal related documents!

Need to look at that pre-payment addendum? What about re-sending your merchant the weekly payment addendum? We make this easy by giving you on-demand access to all the documents you need to close your deals! From the “Download Merchant Documents” section just click on the button for the document you wish to download.

Share Your Approval

You do not need a PIRS Portal login to use the approval calculator!

Do you need to share your approval with other members of your team? No problem! Click on the “Share Your Approval” button in your application to open up your public approval calculator. This link can be shared and viewed by anyone (even if they do not have credentials to PIRS Portal).

Section 3 – Close Your Deal!

Contracts Processing / Uploaded

Monitor your deal and keep track of the funding process!

Contracts are processing and our pre-fund verification team is working on completing your file. Now is the time for you to make sure we have everything we need to close your deal before it enters the final review stage. Review pending stipulations and stay in touch with our pre-fund verification team because the communication does not end until your deal is funded!

Your Deal is Now in Final Review

Your application is just one step away from being funded!

Your deal has reached the last stage of the funding process and a senior underwriter is reviewing your file. Please continue to monitor your deal as we make a funding decision as final review does not guarantee funding. All sections of the approval calculator are still accessible while your deal is in final review. PIRS Portal will notify you once a funding decision has been made.