What Is the Order ID Number, and Where Can I Find It?

What Is the Order ID Number, and Where Can I Find It?

Amazon orders numbers can range from 9 to 14 digits, depending on the courier. Visit your tracking website and enter the tracking number to see the status of your order. Every order placed through the secure checkout is assigned a unique Order ID, which serves as a reference number. Are you wondering how to find an order ID on Amazon?

  • Select Orders from the account menu. You will now see the status of all your orders.
  • The Order ID number is on the upper left corner of every order you’ve made.
  • Order ID numbers can be found in the transaction emails you receive after making a purchase.
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What’s Wrong with My Amazon Tracking Number?

The Amazon tracking ID may not be working for a variety of reasons. Because the order hasn’t yet been processed, or because you entered the tracking number incorrectly, you may not be able to track your package’s progress.

If it doesn’t work, wait for 24 hours before attempting it once more. Contact the seller or Amazon customer service if you have any other questions.

Amazon’s Package-Tracking Service

In order to find out how to track Amazon packages, you must use the original tracking link you received from Amazon in a delivery confirmation email if you want to track Amazon Logistics deliveries using conventional tracking numbers.

  • Go to the Amazon shipping confirmation email you received.
  • Go to the email’s Amazon order number lookup, click the “Track your package” link and enter your tracking information. Wait for the page to load fully. Click here to copy the web address to your clipboard.
  • To search for the URL you copied, enter it in the search bar above or add it to Parcels.
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Track Amazon Orders without a Login

If a consumer isn’t logged in to their Amazon account, they won’t receive status updates.

Use our app’s Amazon import feature to keep track of your packages, and make sure to select “keep me signed in” during the Sign In procedure to allow the app to send you notifications when your packages change status.

Wrapping Up

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