How to Profit From Amazon Repricing Software

How to Profit From Amazon Repricing Software

Amazon sellers are increasingly using repricing to increase their profits. They may reprice their items several times per day, making it difficult for other suppliers to stay current and competitive.

Repricing is a tried-and-true approach for expanding your market keeps your rates dynamic and much lower than competitors. It will help you sell more and get better customer reviews, which will help you get the coveted Amazon Buy Box.

Repricing is far more than a temporary fad on Amazon. Consider the option of repricing all of your store’s items multiple times per day. Is this a viable option? Are you able to maintain track of all real-time pricing simultaneously? Repricing tools on Amazon will make it easier for you to complete these tasks frequently.

There are a variety of repricing options available. We’ll show you how to choose and provide you with pointers in this article.

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What Is an Amazon Repricer, and How Does It Work?

A repricing tool updates your product prices for you automatically. They’ll usually follow a set of guidelines you devised, freeing up more of your time to focus on expanding your firm by sourcing new products.

A repricing tool will link to your Seller Central account, primarily your Amazon marketplaces, and track how your product prices change over time. The system considers changing your price based on your repricing strategy settings with each price change in the Buy Box. If it detects that a product’s price needs to be updated, it will calculate and submit the price change to Amazon right away.

You can enhance your chances of winning the Buy Box, which accounts for most organic sales, by using automation. You’ll need to use technology to change product prices as rapidly as possible. No matter how quickly we type, we will never be able to match the speed of a machine running code.

Why Should You Use Amazon Repricing Tool?

Product pricing is a crucial consideration for any seller. You can always rely on financial assistance for e-commerce businesses from companies like PIRS Capital — but at the end of the day, you decide how much to charge for a product and how much profit it will make you. How many hours each day do you spend manually adjusting your prices? What if you used that time to invest in higher-value activities like expanding your inventory or establishing new systems?

This is where Amazon tools for repricing solutions come into play: it’s about outsourcing a lot of work to software that ensures you get the most sales and profit out of your current inventory.

Most vendors say they’ve been holding stuff for months and need more money to build their business. We frequently discover tens of thousands of dollars in capital lying in “stale” inventory when we investigate their inventory more closely.

That’s material that could have been profitably sold at a lower price months ago – money that could have been spent with multiple profit returns in the same period, offering a larger ROI than the stale items were presumably going to provide.

Manual vs. Automated Tools

Like any other industry, automation has become a crucial factor for Amazon sellers looking to develop their company. Automated technologies, such as a repricer for Amazon, aren’t simply for high-volume merchants moving millions of units every month. Instead, most sellers can get it promptly and affordably.

You could manually reprice it, but who has time for that?!

When your company has more than a few SKUs, you’ll quickly realize that your monthly time as a business owner is limited. Should you spend your effort acquiring new goods or modifying your prices to stay competitive and keep your cash flowing? It’s a no-brainer: use software to automate your pricing to win the Buy Box and spend your time each month offering new products.

After all, that is the only way to grow your Amazon business.

Now, what strategy can you use to reprice?

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Managing your Repricing Strategy With Automation

You can use automatic repricing software to manage your Amazon repricing techniques. Intelligent repricing allows you to react to market conditions and trends by adjusting your prices. Let’s look at some repricing strategies.

The Oscillation Strategy in Action

Your product will be priced at $0.01 lower when this approach is activated. As a result, your competitors will give you additional buy-box visibility. Your offering will eventually reach the “minimum” price. After hitting the ” min ” price, the listing will revert to the “max” price after hitting the “min” price, resetting the loop.

The listing will “Oscillate” the Buy Box price if the difference between your Minimum and Maximum price is quite minor, such as $5-$10.

The Buy Box is nothing more than a gigantic wave that you must control. You will acquire buy-box exposure and boost the average sales price of your goods by oscillating your price.

Set Minimums

To reduce risk, set minimum prices for your goods. If you use automated repricing software, ensure it doesn’t slip below your threshold. Even if you change prices manually, knowing your lowest price provides you the confidence to do so.

Setting minimum prices based on profit is the simplest and most successful way. While not all automated repricers support this, those that do make it simple to establish bulk min and max values.

Set Maximums

Fix a low and high price. A good repricer will let you set maximum pricing for certain situations. When a competitor withdraws from a listing, a seller may increase the price. This allows for a bigger profit margin. A way can cause a listing’s minimum price to return to the maximum price.

Set the Uniqueness factor

A common misconception about automated repricers is that they lower your price to sell. This isn’t true. You can avoid a “race to the bottom” by limiting your competition. Some repricing systems allow you to remove rivals based on their handling days, which can help you maximize earnings.

All About Shipping

Remember to include delivery fees when repricing. Amazon lists items based on shipping and base price. Prime deems FBA businesses to have free shipping. When repricing your things, you should consider your competitors’ total costs, including delivery. A repricer will reprice your competitors’ complete charges (including delivery), eliminating the need for manual effort.

Consider Product Conditions

Consider the object’s condition when setting a price. Used items should not be priced higher than similar new items. Similarly, new items command a higher price than used items. Alternatively, you can only compete with items in the same state as you.

If You’re the Only Seller, Price Up

You may be tempted to set your price or disable repricing when you are the single seller on a listing. Even if you are a sole seller, using a repricer will increase your profit margins by keeping you informed of market trends and competitiveness when competition arises.

Get the Buy Box

Amazon sellers cover the Amazon Buy Box. To preserve their Buy Box position, sellers must verify that various elements, including price, match the Buy Box’s requirements. The landing price (base price + shipping), fulfillment method, shipment time, and seller rating must be set and maintained properly to win the Buy Box. Regardless of these factors, any seller contending for the Buy Box must already be Buy Box Eligible. By default, FBA products appear in the Buy Box.

Compete Against Amazon

Amazon generally receives the Buy Box when they are a seller for a certain item. If Amazon is your competitor, the stakes are higher. You can either place the price just below Amazon so that buyers will click on your ad to get that price, or you can wait for Amazon to sell out. You may be able to seize the Buy Box. You can steal Amazon’s Buy Box in almost any category, but you must be aggressive with your pricing.

How to Pick the Right Amazon Repricer

It’s vital to understand that each tool will handle repricing differently. Some pricing software aims to be the most expensive, while others want to be the most economical (at the price of features) and everything in between.

Consider the following when you weigh your options.


1 Basic repricing tools are obsolete. You should search for more than just a response. Flexibility is important to us in a repricer. That means an Amazon repricer tool that can take a few settings and handle various situations. That is advanced tactics.

Many tools are blind to scenarios that don’t suit their presets.

Speed & Power

2 Exclusions tell the repricer software when to worry about a certain type of seller competing on a listing.

Your repricing software for Amazon sellers must be able to react fast to price adjustments to seize control of the Buy Box and increase revenue. The best Amazon repricer can calculate and alter prices in real-time.


3 Adding Workflows functionality to automate your account provides competitive advantages fully. Consider the first 100 sellers who used the Buy Box to reprice their products. That used to be a big competitive advantage, but not anymore. How to reprice is more important than being able to do so. This incorporates a real-time price shift as part of a winning strategy.


4 Price does matter. But not in the way you think. When it comes to Amazon repricers, it’s all about getting the best return on your monthly membership.

Some repricer tools are cheap yet lack functionality and performance. You’re “losing money” by “getting a great deal.” Similarly, the most costly option is the most costly.

Alternatively, cheap is slow, whereas affordable is the sweet spot.

Free Trial

5 An Amazon repricing software free trial may not seem vital, but it is. You want an unrestricted free trial that lets you create an account and use the software without requiring a credit card. This is the gold standard for Amazon repricing software.

Concluding Thoughts

In terms of repricing strategies, there is no set formula. If you require additional funds to build your e-commerce business, let PIRS Capital help you put your expansion plans into action right away! Once that is set, you can practice, and trial-and-error will reveal what works best for you. Experiment with different repricing strategies until you find what works best for your company and your products. Once you’ve found it, stick with it. Don’t make rash, emotional pricing changes.

Written by: Mitchell L.

I work with companies that sell products on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, etc. I understand that every business is unique and thats why I form genuine relationships with owners so I can help them reach their goals and find success through our working capital solutions.

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