Partner With Us

Why Partner With PIRS Capital?

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do. By partnering with PIRS Capital your clients will have access to working capital so you can achieve greater success and keep your customers for life.

We make it easy for our partners to retain and grow their customer base and increase profits year after year.

We provide our partners with:


  • One-on-one relationship between PIRS and each of our partners
  • Custom financial solutions to meet specific requirements and goals
  • Driven by experience and dedication to deliver proven mutual success
  • Dedicated support which gives you direct access to decision makers


  • Optimized manual underwriting process supported by PIRScore technology
  • In-depth 360-degree review of each deal to ensure smart decisions
  • Real-time analytical data to empower underwriters with the latest information
  • Faster & more profitable decisions with predictive analytics


  • Leverage the best of PIRS and the best of our partners for mutual growth
  • Competitive compensation plans
  • Partner specific bonus programs
  • Incentives for top performers


  • Easy submissions let you manage new deals every step of the way
  • Hands-on access to deal related contracts and documents
  • Edit your own approvals, access e-signs, setup notifications
  • Contact underwriters directly

Partner Program Highlights



Business is Personal
No two businesses are alike, that’s why at PIRS Capital we offer a unique, personalized approach to our partnerships. We leverage our experience and expertise to provide custom solutions to best meet every partner’s specific requirements and goals. We always support our partners. No call centers or machines, when you call PIRS Capital you always have direct access to decision makers that can assist you immediately to ensure your satisfaction.



Smart Decisions, Lasting Value
Underwriting is not just about efficiency and service, it’s about understanding the latest data and analytics and reacting to them quickly to give our partners a distinct competitive advantage. Our manual underwriting process is supported by our PIRScore credit model technology. PIRScore gives us a comprehensive 360-degree view of each deal to produce reliable real-time analytical data to optimize our underwriting decisions.



Get Ready for Success
Two heads are better than one, but partnerships are only successful when everyone benefits. That’s why we leverage the best of PIRS Capital and the best of our partners to ensure mutual success. Partners are always given the support they need from a partner who grows with your business every step of the way. We provide competitive compensation plans, bonus programs and incentives for top performers.


Partner Ready Portal
We want to make it easy for you to make the most of your partnership with PIRS Capital. Our partner ready PIRS Portal makes submissions simple and lets you effectively manage new deals every step of the way. With hands-on access to all deal related contracts and documents you have the ability to edit your own approvals, access e-signs, setup notifications and contact our underwriters directly.

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