The eBay Star Rating System Explained

Do you ever look at a seller’s feedback or eBay ratings and wonder what those little stars represent? Or maybe you’re a new eBay seller who’s curious about the stars system and how to start earning them.

You needn’t fret! This article will explain what each star signifies and how to get your first star and then some, whether you’re new or a seasoned vendor struggling to get stars.

The eBay Star Rating System Explained

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The eBay Star System

An eBay seller’s star rating is colored according to the percentage of positive feedback they’ve received. Each positive review a vendor receives is worth one point. However, points are deducted whenever there is a bad review.

In this case, a seller with 15 positive and 3 negative ratings would have a feedback score of 12. But what about the comments that are neither here nor there? Well, neutral comments don’t add or subtract from your score. So you can take a breather with those.

You need at least 10 pieces of good feedback (that aren’t canceled out by any bad ratings) before eBay will provide you with your first star after you’ve begun selling. The result will be a brilliant golden star. Then, as you get more and more positive responses, your star rating will rise.

Tips for Earning Your First eBay Color Stars

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t earned any stars on eBay yet. Just because you don’t have a celebrity endorsement doesn’t mean business will be slow.

You can use this time to write up detailed descriptions of the goods on offer and address any concerns customers might have. Use high-quality images and thorough descriptions to sell your wares online.

Be as careful and organized as possible with the packaging of the goods you are selling.

In addition, getting the customer’s order out the door quickly is of the utmost importance. If you want to know when and if your package has arrived, it’s best to use a tracking service.

If you work hard to keep your clients happy, they’ll reward you with good feedback and a rising star rating in no time.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a solid reputation as an eBay vendor, you can always improve your star rating by selling more and better items and providing more and better customer service. Then, we’ll provide a short list of recommendations about how to proceed:

Verify that what you’re selling is what you’re advertising

Incorrect or poorly written descriptions will be met with criticism. When consumers don’t get what they expect, they become unsatisfied. Customers may feel compelled to pass on their knowledge to others. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your eBay listings, you must provide as much detail as possible about the things you are selling.

Put in some good photos

An image can often convey more than words alone. Therefore, after writing a detailed explanation, you should also provide some high-quality images. You don’t have to get a professional to get the pictures taken unless absolutely necessary. You can always borrow a DSLR or just pick up fancy camera tricks from a youtube video and use those skills to make a $4 product look like it’s worth $40!

Deliver exceptional service to your clients

Customers nowadays expect prompt and precise solutions to their inquiries. To achieve maximum success in today’s eCommerce market, you need to reply to messages within minutes, not hours.

Keep in mind that your success depends on the satisfaction of your customers. Fast responses and a pleasant demeanor are the hallmarks of excellent customer service. Providing outstanding service, even to unsatisfied customers, might help you avoid complaints.

You can transform a negative experience into a positive one by contacting the buyer first before submitting a negative rating on eBay.

Listen to criticism and act on it

eBay users can also revise their existing comments. Therefore, it is important to reply to criticism. It’s possible that you’ll be able to resolve the problem or even get them to remove any bad feedback. In any case, future consumers who view this review would likely be appeased by an honest apology and thorough explanation.

It’s common for customers to vent their frustrations by leaving multiple bad reviews. It can make a huge difference in persuading the buyer to alter the feedback if you demonstrate that you heard them. Negative comments can be answered immediately (or with a wait for a more human touch) with Auto Messages. Combine it with the alerts provided by Feedback Reminder, and you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to dealing with customer complaints.

Proactively seek comments and critique

It’s likely that the vast majority of your satisfied eBay customers aren’t taking the time to leave positive comments. How do you improve your feedback and star ratings on eBay? Just give them a call. There is no reason not to automate this process given the availability of helpful tools to do so.

eBay Star Colors Chart Explained

Let’s kick things off with the illustrious yellow star located at the bottom. Without a doubt, the yellow star is truly remarkable, while also being refreshingly straightforward. Although it shows promise, there is room for it to be more remarkable. Congratulations! You’ll receive this prestigious accolade once you’ve earned a stellar ten-star rating on eBay.

As you ascend to the illustrious blue star, the allure of the stars grows exponentially. The glorious blue star signifies that you have achieved a remarkable milestone of 50 feedback scores. It is a testament to your exceptional product quality and outstanding customer service that have left your customers thoroughly satisfied.

Ah, now we’re venturing into the realm of the distinguished turquoise star. You’re well on your way to becoming a trusted seller with this star. Just 100 feedback scores are all you need! You’ve managed to cultivate quite a devoted fan base and establish yourself as a reliable source.

When it comes to star colors on eBay, the purple star is where things truly start to impress. This star is reserved for individuals who have amassed an impressive 500 feedback scores, and it’s no surprise considering the consistent delivery of your top-notch service. Given the exceptional nature of your products, customers are more than willing to pay a premium for them.

Things are getting hot with the red star. If you’ve amassed an impressive 1000 feedback scores, you’ve become the crème de la crème of eBay vendors! Clients flock to you because they’re well aware that they’ll be receiving nothing short of top-notch products and services.

But fear not, ladies and gentlemen, for our journey continues unabated. The highest standard eBay star color, which costs a stunning 5000 feedback points to obtain, is green. But is this the best that we can do?

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Don’t Make a Wish on These Shooting Stars

Let’s dive into the captivating world of shooting star stages, shall we? The yellow shooting star, which demands 10,000 feedback points, is the first shooting star on the list. It signifies your triumphant mastery of the art of selling on eBay.

Unlocking the turquoise shooting star requires a grand total of 25,000 ratings. To obtain the coveted Purple shooting star, one must amass a total of 50,000 rating points. Unleash the power of these, and watch as your impeccable reputation for selling top-notch products precedes you.

When it comes to eBay, the Red Shooting Star and Green Shooting Star are the ultimate badges of honor for sellers who have reached the pinnacle of success. To earn a Red Shooting Star, you’ll need a whopping 100,000 feedback points, while a Green Shooting Star demands an impressive 500,000 points. If you manage to earn a Red or Green Shooting Star, congratulations, you’ve achieved legendary status! We’re discussing reaching superstar status, like becoming the Michael Jordan of eBay’s internet-selling realm.

The silver shooting star gracefully notifies customers of your royal status. Unlocking this star requires an impressive feedback score of 1,000,000. Prepare to be mind-boggled! It’s like winning an Emmy or an Oscar but with an online twist.

Before we move on, let’s take a quick glance at the stars and how many points you’ll need to make to hold them like a badge of honor.

eBay star Points required
Yellow Star 10 feedback points
Blue Star 50 feedback points
Turquoise star 100 feedback points
Purple star 500 feedback points
Red star 1,000 feedback points
Green star 5,000 feedback points
Yellow shooting star 10,000 feedback points
Turquoise shooting star 25,000 feedback points
Purple shooting star 50,000 feedback points
Red shooting star 100,000 feedback points
Green shooting star 500,000 feedback points
Silver shooting star 1,000,000 feedback points

What Role Do eBay Star Colors Play?

Does the eBay stars ranking remind you of your primary school teacher and her glittery stars on your notes? Well, consider these to be similar! You might be wondering if the different colored stars on eBay actually matter to a seller. Many shoppers understand the significance of a high star rating, but some may be unaware of it. After all, a short Google search will tell you exactly what each star represents.

Think of the eBay star rating as a tool to improve your seller standing. These stars can be used as evidence of a history of happy customers. They tell consumers that your business is reliable and that you provide consistently high-quality products.

Do You Want to Leave a Review?

As a marketplace, eBay has several advantages, but one of the most prominent is that both buyers and sellers may offer feedback. Customers provide feedback to vendors on a variety of factors, including the quality, reliability, value, and timeliness of their purchases. However, vendors assess purchasers based on how quickly they are paid and how satisfied they are with the transaction as a whole.

As a Seller

A product review on eBay is a great way for a seller to show appreciation to a buyer. As soon as the consumer completes the payment, you should post a review.

To write a review of a product on eBay, just stick to these 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to “My eBay” to rate purchases and offer feedback to sellers. Click “Sold” or “Orders” in the Seller Hub.
  2. Find the product you want to comment on, and then hit the “Leave Feedback” button.
  3. After giving a rating out of five stars, you can leave a comment by clicking the “Leave Feedback” button.

As a Buyer

Buyer feedback is always welcome on eBay. Leaving feedback is a great way to share your buying experience with the vendor and other customers. Your opinion adds to the pool of collected data, making it that much simpler for future eBay users to locate a trustworthy merchant who meets their needs.

EBay will prompt you to rate the seller once you’ve made a purchase. Follow the email’s URL or head to Your eBay Account > Purchase History. Leaving a seller review on eBay is as easy as following the two steps outlined below.

  1. Pick the product you want to review and then click the “Leave Feedback” option.
  2. Select a rating from 1 to 5 stars. To submit your comments, click the “Leave Feedback” button.

You can update or alter feedback at any time, but only after initiating a conversation with the seller. Otherwise, a buyer’s feedback once posted cannot be edited.

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Overall, raising your colored stars eBay rating takes extra care to the smallest details of your interactions with clients. With the information you’ve gathered from this article, it is only a matter of time before you’re rolling in stardust. You can also invest in marketing, advertising, and other aspects of your online eBay store. If you don’t want to dip into your savings, PIRS Capital can lend you the funds and you can pay it back once you see a rise in sales!

Written by: Mitchell L.

I work with companies that sell products on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, etc. I understand that every business is unique and thats why I form genuine relationships with owners so I can help them reach their goals and find success through our working capital solutions.

The eBay Star Rating System: FAQ's

A gold star on eBay typically refers to the Top Rated Seller status. eBay awards this designation to sellers who consistently provide excellent customer service, meet certain performance standards, and maintain a high level of positive feedback from buyers. Being a Top Rated Seller signifies a strong track record of professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction. It can boost buyer confidence and potentially attract more customers to a seller’s eBay listings.

Yes, eBay made changes to its feedback system and removed the use of stars in feedback ratings. As of October 2019, eBay transitioned from the traditional star-based system to a simplified feedback system based on positive, neutral, or negative feedback. Instead of the star ratings, buyers now have the option to leave detailed seller ratings (DSRs) for aspects such as item description, communication, shipping time, and shipping charges. These DSRs are not represented by stars but are given as specific ratings on a scale. eBay made this change to provide a more streamlined and transparent feedback process for both buyers and sellers.

On eBay, a blue star represents a positive feedback rating received from a buyer. The star system was previously used on eBay to indicate a seller’s overall feedback score, with each star representing a certain number of positive feedback received. However, since eBay transitioned to a simplified feedback system in 2019, the blue star is no longer used to indicate the overall feedback score of a seller. Instead, buyers have the option to leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback along with detailed seller ratings (DSRs) for specific aspects of the transaction.

eBay does not have a specific purple star designation or rating. The feedback system on eBay was previously based on stars, but it has since been replaced with a simplified feedback system. Buyers now have the option to leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback, along with detailed seller ratings (DSRs) for specific aspects of the transaction. These ratings are not represented by stars.

It’s important to note that eBay no longer uses color-coded stars or specific designations other than the feedback type (positive, neutral, or negative). Instead, focus on providing excellent customer service, accurately describing your items, communicating effectively with buyers, and promptly resolving any issues that may arise. By maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and receiving positive feedback, you can build a strong reputation as a trusted seller on eBay.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Owner or majority owner must be a US citizen
  • Must have US bank accounts
  • Have to be selling for at least 1 year
  • Minimum sales per month has to be $15000 USD