What Is Affiliate Marketing

A Brief Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The concept of affiliate marketing came from being able to make money no matter where you are. It is a shock to people when they hear about it, but it’s true! You simply earn a commission when you market other people’s products or services.

The entrepreneurial age has shed light on marketing. This has allowed business owners to realize that it may not always be possible to market their products or services by themselves. They have come to realize there’s always room for growth which led them to look for alternative ways of marketing.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when outside marketers are paid to generate traffic or sales for a business. Even though it’s possible to do this with any product and service, it’s usually advised to stick to those you enjoy and support. You are then tracked by how many sales you bring in through an affiliate link given to you.

Looking at it this way, companies are outsourcing the act of selling. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that affiliate marketing has been around long before the popularization of the internet. With newer analytic tools and digital marketing, it’s no wonder it’s become so popular.

With both the third party and the company making money, it incentivizes the marketer to promote the product and service. Different contracts offer different benefits, so be sure to look at them carefully. Some offer a cut for every sale, while others offer percentages after a certain threshold.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Amazon was one of the founders to bring affiliate marketing to the limelight. Amazon’s program focused on using bloggers and websites to put links to various pages for discussion of the products. The links were even used to make reviews of the products for a fee.

Sales are usually the best way to measure an affiliate but there are other times when the results are based on leads or clicks on a website. Sales are more profitable, but bringing in leads and clicks can still be lucrative in business affiliate marketing.

The worst thing you can do is to get the affiliate links mixed up. It’s not just embarrassing but shows a lack of professionalism when you use the wrong link on your page. The links are there to show when someone has visited the page or made a purchase.

Tracking the conversions not only helps the brands you work with but yourself as well in case you have a certain goal that you’re trying to reach. Some programs allow you to streamline each link so there are no mistakes when it comes time to use them.

What Is an Affiliate Marketer?

The goal of an affiliate marketer is to provide brand recognition for their partners. This can range from improving their sales to generating traffic for their websites.

You don’t have to be a big business to hire or take advantage of the special services they bring. An affiliate marketer can be any who has a platform such as email marketing or a website. Marketers run banner ads, links, or text ads to get the attention of potential clients.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business? Create Content!

Starting an affiliate marketing business requires creating quality content and picking your marketing method. How you create your content is up to you but the types you create will ultimately be the deciding factor for whether some businesses work with you or not.

From all the content that’s being created, it’s product reviews, blog posts, and guides that have been the most successful methods.

Blog Posts

Blog posting requires consistency. Making unique content will attract more users to your site which may lead to more profit being generated. If you want to create an amazing blog post, it needs to be engaging while grabbing the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

Product Review

Reviewing products is a market that many brands are looking for. Brands understand that customers are likely to buy a product when it has good reviews so it’s always profitable looking at it from the affiliate marketer’s side.

The best part about product reviews is that they can be videos, pictures, or even social media posts. The choice is endless and you aren’t bound by one or the other.

Making reviews allows your readers to go to the site and do more research on the product. Whether it means looking at other reviews or going in-store to test out the products, this is a great way to get potential customers to learn more about the products if they like them.


Guides focus on an in-depth look at particular subjects. Using this way hooks new users and encourages them to explore more to see what the topic is about. Things like webinars and ebooks are all great examples of guides that have a successful track record.

Using this method is a good way to get your audience engaged with some of the products that you’re advertising on your page. How-to guides are some of the upcoming trends that many people are looking for so finding something in this feel might be worthwhile for you.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Making money in affiliate marketing takes time but with experience, it’ll all be worth it. Affiliate marketing it’s all about research. You must first understand how Google SEO works. By understanding what people are searching for, you’re most likely to succeed.

Here are other things that you must understand before venturing out:

Find the Right Niche

Finding a particular niche that benefits you is just as important as deciding on whether to go about it alone or in a group. Finding a niche before anything allows you to focus instead of overextending and running amok. It also makes it much easier to sell once you have the right target market.

To find your right niche you need to think about what products or services you want to sell. Once you figure that out you’ll need to make sure that it’s going to be constant and not anything that’s only a one-time deal. You also need to think about your competitors at this time.

Competition is healthy and good for industries but having too much competition makes it difficult to compete, it starts to be about who has the lowest price. The worst thing you can do is to find yourself in a position where the market you decide to get in is oversaturated with no space.

Research Different Programs

Even though research can be time-consuming and daunting, it’s still a must. At worst, deciding on the wrong program can lead to promoting a product that goes against what you stand for. Finding the right affiliate program helps to find partners because doing it alone is difficult.

They act as the bridge between marketers and businesses by matching them to the correct businesses based on their needs and wants. You need to think about the commission you’d want because each program comes with a different offering and the types of support they bring.

The program you decide to use could mean the difference between the structures you’d want to implement. Each program has its way of doing things and requires you to abide by its rules and regulations if you want their support.

Websites and programs all sell information that has already tracked Search engine traffic so you can use that to know where to focus on. It’s not enough to just have a platform or a blog to be an affiliate marketer. You need to be constantly promoting the product that you’re selling.

It may be a no-brainer, but many believe that just making one post about a product or service is enough for the product to take off. This is where consistency comes into play. Doing more research about the particular product and trying different ways of selling the product can be beneficial.

How to Become An Affiliate Marketer? Get the Word Out Through Ads!

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t require you to build a fancy website or learn any programming skills. Setting up a few of the ad types we’ve discussed is enough to get you started and even compete with some of the big marketers.

Facebook and Bing ads are a couple of names that offer a platform for making revenue from streaming ads. Make sure to keep your target audience in mind when selecting a platform to advertise on.

Facebook Ads

Of the two, Facebook ads are likely to bring more traffic to you. Facebook offers more of a user experience by using images, videos, and instant experience just to name a few. You are given a plethora of choices on what you want your campaign goal to be. This is favorable to many marketers because not everyone is paid for sales. Some are paid on leads or even traffic.

Next is picking the name of your campaign and then finalizing it by adding other necessary details that you want. This part allows you to target your niche based on age, and employment, and even filter out certain countries that you don’t want as your audience.

Facebook even offers A/B testing and campaign spending limits. This means that the campaign will stop after the set amount of deliveries you’ve set has been reached. You don’t have to worry because Facebook notifies you so you have the option to keep the campaign running.

Bing Ads

Bing works similarly to Google in the sense that it shows your ads to targets that are searching certain keywords that you’ve assigned. The benefit of using Bing ads is that it’s likely to give you more of a reach. By using Bing ads, you’ll also be taking advantage of Yahoo and MSN.

That’s because Bing is owned by Microsoft which in turn owns many search engines. This is beneficial to you as a marketer because when compared to Google, you’ll be filling up spaces that might’ve been missed by just advertising on Google’s platform.

Not using Bing ads leaves about 63 million reach. That’s a missed opportunity. Bing has a monthly number of visitors that exceeds 500 million. Using Bing also allows for a wider reach and lets you target an even more specific demographic by being the second most popular search engine.

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