How to Name Your Store: Online Store Names for 2023

How to Name Your Store: Online Store Names for 2023

Choosing a good name for a store can be done without professional skill. Anyone can create their own brands–-including you! But sometimes, starting a business can get our plates full. It makes the task a little more challenging. That should not keep you from brainstorming interesting and cool name ideas for your shop.

The brand name is the face of your business. It will distinguish you from other growing competitors. So make sure it is presentable and unique.

Deciding on the right name can reward you big time. And there are ways to achieve that. We’re here to share valuable tools, tips, and brilliant suggestions on developing store names.

Best Online Shop Name Generators

Business name generators are great tools that can aid in choosing cool names for stores. In less than a minute, you’ll get many suggested ideas where you can instantly check its online availability. Below, we’ll discuss ten popular generators that can give you good names for shops.

1. Namify

Namify goes beyond the limitations of traditional tools in creating brand names. This online business name generator takes advantage of the advancement in technology. It offers out-of-the-box brand name combinations with future-proof domains. This tool also has free logo suggestions and trademark availability checking.

Enter at least two keywords in their search engine, and after a few seconds comes hundreds of available results. If you find interest in one of their proposed domains, you can immediately buy it from them with free logos. Then you can start building your online store.

2. Shopify

They say ten seconds is nothing. But for Shopify Business Name Generator, it’s all it needs to provide you with simple yet creative brandable business names with tons of choices. You can reserve your best name choice and buy the domain instantly.

Just get your keyboard typing in their search tab, click “Generate names” and start picking your top options. You may use keywords associated with your products, such as for beauty and apparel, home and living, health and lifestyle, food and beverage, services and skills, and a lot more industries.

3. Namobot

With its tagline, One Clue Generate Thousand Ideas, Namobot indeed levels up its job in suggesting online store name ideas for nearly any kind of business, blog, domain, store, and mobile app. Over 30 million word combinations are available in just a single snap.

4. Business Name Generator

From the name itself, Business Name Generator has its own AI-based technology that creates unique, engaging, and attractive name ideas through keyword association and industry summation. Their search engine has a built-in logic that processes the texts and phrases you enter.

This generator has popular searches for fashion, fitness, and gaming. If your business aligns with these industries, then Business Name Generator can absolutely help you.

5. Get Socio

Whether for a startup, website, or brand name, Getsocio got it all. Its free business name generator doesn’t stop you from brainstorming clever names for your companies and unlimited unique brand name ideas.

They can also provide you with a domain that perfectly fits your business, and you can get it in no time.

6. Looka

Looka doesn’t only provide naming ideas, but it can make a logo for your store too. This branding platform lets you select from a bunch of thoughtful ideas using advanced algorithms that generate names in four categories such as:

Traditional- it is more tied to the industry, with literal and longer names.

Invented- one-word names that are innovative and edgy.

Compound- descriptive and modern names.

Multiword- two descriptive but elegant and discerning names.

Once you’ve decided on a name, Looka instantly checks the domain and social availability. You can also try their logo maker by clicking the “See Logos” button.

7. Namelix

Namelix generates short and catchy names with a touch of an art language using its own artificial intelligence. Using your given keywords, it automatically filters results and decides on your priority name and domain extension. Over time, the algorithm of this generator learns your preferences and recommends better choices as you use it.

A short name and domain are prioritized in Namelix. Although it is quite expensive, it has been the trend in major businesses and startups in the United States.

8. FreshBooks

FreshBooks navigates differently from other generators. It lets you choose first between four industries (creative marketing, legal services & business consulting, trades & home services, and information technology. Once you’ve chosen your line of business, the tool allows you to enter relevant keywords, and then a list of choices will appear. Sometimes you can use what your business is all about or how it benefits your customers as key phrases.

This generator also offers domains in which you can instantly buy and register.

9. Anadea

Anadea is a software name generator that uses AI-optimized algorithms to rapidly provide interesting business names. It offers names in various categories, such as websites, apps, and businesses. You can navigate the platform easily with no cost at all.

10. Oberlo

Search, select, and launch. In three simple steps, Oberlo can help you start your business right away. First, type your keywords on their generator engine. You can now browse through the hundreds of business name suggestions within seconds. Once you’ve picked your best bet, it’s time to run your store.

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Tips for Choosing a Catchy Shop Name

Let’s assume you’ve already visited one of the mentioned online name generators above. And you probably have a list of the possible names for your online store. Your next task is to narrow it down until you end up with just one. The job won’t be easy, so here are some tips to help you out.

Establish Your Originality

Expect that your business will have several online competitors. First up, it is essential to establish your originality, and the name of your store holds that job to make your brand stand out. Do thorough research on the shop names that are already taken, including similar ideas.

For example, if you’re planning to build a jewelry shop, there are store names that might have used “accessories” or “earrings.” Try to avoid these similar words and come up with something completely different.

Make It Short and Simple

Invest in a store name that is easy to remember. Potential clients can either recall or forget about your business; there’s no in-between. So, make sure that your brand name is short and straightforward. A word or two is enough. Besides, it would be best if you have a name that fits your website’s header.

One clever way of finding out whether it works is to let a 5-year-old kid try to pronounce and remember it. If a child can pronounce it out loud, then your business is off to go. But if it doesn’t, some potential customers will struggle too.

Get Creative with Your Online Presence

Everyone recognizes the .com top-level domain(TLD) mainly because it is easy to remember. Undoubtedly, most online businesses purchase such domains but do not worry much about that. You can always opt to check other existing ones or, more uniquely, create your own. You can choose a domain that is the same as your store name so that your customers can find you easily.

Here is a free and easy way to check the domain on all online platforms. Other top recommended domains are:

  • .shop
  • .store
  • .art
  • .sale
  • .deals
  • .clothing

Highlight a Unique Selling Point

Your brand name indicates your product. When deciding, you don’t just think of a store name but also consider how you will sell it. Names that are immediately understood create a positive impact on customers.

For instance, Facebook is an online book for interacting with people with faces on display. A product called “Purely Nutz” is a peanut butter brand made purely with nuts. Remember, communication is vital. So make sure your store name speaks it all out.

Use Catchy Language

Coca-Cola, 7-Eleven, Banana Boat, Minute Maid. Do they have something in common? Absolutely. A brilliant play of language through alliteration and rhyming words. That’s how a brand name can hook an audience.

You can also opt to humanize your brand. This technique can create a sense of familiarity. Examples of brands named after people are Adidas, Nike, Armani, and Bayer. So take time and think about how you want to catch everyone’s attention with your store’s name.

Have an Excellent Design Concept

Most online businesses disregard this tip, but a well-executed design context will get your brand name known. The name alone can only create a little impact. And integrating it into a design can significantly change how it is perceived by potential customers.

A great example is Twitter, a social media platform with around 354 million users in 2023 around the world. Its logo has a bird in it, and just as birds like to twit, this platform allows people to express whatever they want to say freely. That’s how a design concept works. Collaborating the logo with your brand name can add value to what your online store can offer to clients.

Research Your Audience

Knowing what your target customer wants is essential in deciding the style and overall tone of your online business name. Research their demographics, including their age range, geographic location, etc. This will help you in creating targeted marketing campaigns online. Narrowing it down to a specific group of people will make it easier for you to decide on your online page’s design, style, and tone.

Work with Your Taglines

You may or may not include a tagline for your shop. A brand name is enough to prepare. But if you feel it will assist you in effectively marketing your product, then you need to work on something extra creative. The tagline can act as a support to the brand name. Make sure you don’t create repetition between the name and the tagline.

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List of Creative Shop Names

Browsing on creative store names can also give you a grasp of several online business ideas. Inspiration is even possible to strike when you’re caught up with out-of-the-box ideas. So here are some of the great store names you can scan.

Socky Sock

The enthusiastic play in language here is evident. The owners did not overthink their store name at all. Just a shop selling socks, Socky Sock sure is a fun and easy-to-remember name for an online store. They even have this tagline, “We’ll put a smile on your feet.” A brilliant play of words, indeed.

Super Ink

“Welcome to the Revolution!”

Super Ink has elevated its marketing strategies with its brand name and tagline matched with its modern web page design and photos. This online store is an independent streetwear line inspired by street fashion, hip-hop culture, and music.


Setting it apart from a traditional online flower shop, Bouqs is a modern floral brand that delivers farm-fresh flowers from its local partners. Instead of using the word “bouquets”, they simply shortened it and made a remarkable and daring store name. As the brand would say, “We put the Bouq in Bouquet.”

Fuego Box

Fuego, a Spanish word for fire commonly described as hot. Fuego Box is an online shop that produces hot sauces delivered to your doorstep. If you’re why they paired up Fuego with the word Box, well, that’s because their hot sauces are aesthetically arranged in a box. That makes the brand name even more interesting.

 The Foggy Dog

“Your Best Friend Deserves the Best”

The Foggy Dog is a perfect example of a simple yet engaging store name. Just by reading the name, we can immediately say that it’s an online store for dogs. Why Foggy, then? Because it is located in San Francisco! Owners sure have done their assignments in targeting their audience and customers.

Boy Smells

The name Boy Smells deserves a complete turnaround look! Conceived beyond the gender binary, this online store offers full-bodied fragrances and scented candles for a wide range of customers.

You may ask why they preferred to use a male expression when their products are mainly for women. Just a thought, what better way for women to attract men than seducing fragrances?

Final Thoughts

A well-chosen brand name will be the face of your business on a wide range of platforms. It will stand for over its lifetime and be considered as a footprint for your online presence. Take as much time as you need to brainstorm and draft your strategic plans. Consider everything we’ve said. It may take you days, weeks, or months of revisions and rebranding. But we hope you’ll pick the right one.

New store. New brand name. Registered domain. Online presence. Guess you’re ready to start your business!

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Written by: Mitchell L.

I work with companies that sell products on platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy, etc. I understand that every business is unique and thats why I form genuine relationships with owners so I can help them reach their goals and find success through our working capital solutions.

Store Name Idea FAQ

Naming your store takes work. Well, there are plenty of recommended names online, depending on what industry your starting business is categorized in. We have thousands of suggestions for creative marketing and trade services. Look into one of the online name generators above and pick your favorite brand names.

Some unique names are as follows:

  • Shop East
  • Off Market
  • Vintage Fox
  • Fashion Addict
  • Zodiac Press
  • Fashion Defiant
  • Polygon Trend
  • Mini Krispy
  • Blue Shop
  • New Vision
  • East End

Consider the names of your online competitors. Do market research and briefly study how they came up with their store names. Deviate from their methods, and consider how to make yours stand out.

Know your customers. How do you want to attract them? Write down all online shop names that may resonate with them. Tap some help with your friends if they are your potential customers too. Let them check your list and be open to suggestions.

Focus on unique and simple names. An organized list based on themes and concepts can help you narrow down your choices. Choose carefully. Selecting the right name can pre-determine your success in the business.

Check the available domains. The most common top-level domains may not be available for your chosen name, but try to be as creative as possible. You can check online for other available domains that suit your brand. Register your store and start growing your business online!

Eligibility Requirements
  • Owner or majority owner must be a US citizen
  • Must have US bank accounts
  • Have to be selling for at least 1 year
  • Minimum sales per month has to be $15000 USD