Partner With Us

Why Partner With PIRS Capital?

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do.

Whether it's by providing our ISO partners with access to additional working capital or by funding small business across the nation, our ultimate goal is to create mutual growth and success for all parties involved.

We provide our partners with:


  • One-on-one relationship between PIRS and each of our partners
  • Custom financial solutions to meet specific requirements and goals
  • Driven by experience and dedication to deliver proven mutual success
  • Dedicated support which gives you direct access to decision makers

Competitive Compensation

  • Leverage the best of PIRS and the best of our partners for mutual growth
  • Competitive compensation plans
  • Partner specific bonus programs
  • Incentives for top performers


  • Optimized manual underwriting process supported by PIRScore technology
  • In-depth 360-degree review of each deal to ensure smart decisions
  • Real-time analytical data to empower underwriters with the latest information
  • Faster & more profitable decisions with predictive analytics


  • Easy submissions let you manage new deals every step of the way
  • Hands-on access to deal related contracts and documents
  • Edit your own approvals, access e-signs, setup notifications
  • Contact underwriters directly