Grow faster with AI-powered Reimbursements

As an Amazon seller with a great product portfolio you always want to grow your business. There are two ways to make this happen. First, you work with a strong financing partner who understands your business like PIRS Capital.

Second, you focus on profit maximization so that every dollar you invest in your business goes further. In today’s competitive environment this is increasingly important. I’m going to explain what profit maximization is and how private labels and resellers are benefiting today.

Profit maximization on Amazon is about selling at the right price at any time. This means, getting the maximum profit at the time of sale. Or for a given period like 24 hours, what would be the maximum profit for the same sales velocity? Amazon has more than 300+ private label brands, like Amazon basics, and has been leveraging the power of AI and big data for a long time to find the best price at any given moment. The problem today is that most private labels and resellers don’t have access to AI or big data to calculate the best price for a given time. This is where Eva is changing the paradigm by making these tools available to all Amazon sellers.

Eva prices more than 10 Million Amazon products on all eCommerce categories and also monitors all the competitive products. Overall, nearly 100 Million Amazon products are under Eva’s monitoring every day, producing billions of data points. Eva is using AI to fill the gaps and predict the best price based on competition, trends, seasonality, demand, inventory levels, and sales velocity.

For resellers, this means a totally different experience compared to Algorithmic pricing systems as Eva finds the best price point in one single step compared to try/fail software. For Private Labels and Amazon brands, Eva makes it possible to use the Amazon brand’s power to dynamically price products. On top of that with Eva Pricing 2.0, Amazon sellers can define similar products that are competing with their own brand and compete or monitor them based on their inventory, reviews, and ratings.

As an Amazon seller first moving to AI-based price management, you can increase your profits on average 30% in a few weeks.

Is pricing management the only way to add more cashback to your system? Certainly, there is one more way and most of the sellers know about Amazon Reimbursement. Before Eva, small auditing firms focused on Reimbursement are helping the sellers to audit Amazon transactions and recover their money back and they charge 25% – 30%. Most of the time, they are not able to find all the different types of reimbursements that are possible to audit as the work is done manually.

As Eva has billions of data points on orders and inventory, Eva automated the entire erroneous transaction discovery process to minutes, rather than days of manual labor. Eva discovers the problems on the data faster, then the Eva team will manually open the cases and follow up with them to be Amazon TOS compliant. Based on the recent analysis Eva is able to recover at least 30% more than any reimbursement company and replacing the manual labor when possible created much less costs. When Amazon sellers use Eva Pricing services, they can also benefit from free Eva Reimbursements as well.

Amazon is the best place to be, now more than ever, and growth is the name of the game. Make sure you get the most profits possible from your investments in your business with Eva’s AI-Powered solutions.

Hai Mag


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